Misdemeanor and Felony Traffic

Misdemeanor and Felony Traffic Offenses

Have you or a loved one been charged with a traffic misdemeanor or felony? In the event that you are facing a traffic-related misdemeanor or felony, it is normal to be overwhelmed, stressed out, and frightened. If you are currently being charged with a traffic misdemeanor or felony, take a deep breath, calm your nerves, and give Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki a call and to find out all options you have. As you may know, most traffic violations are viewed as minor, leading to minor fees or a ticket. However, severer traffic violations are misdemeanors, and, in some cases, they are seen as felonies.

For over 35 years, our traffic offense attorneys at the Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki have been helping people protect their rights all throughout Northeast Florida. Whether you have been charged with a hit and run or vehicular homicide, we are able to effectively represent you. Our firm consists of a team of skillful attorneys, who are trained to take on traffic felonies and misdemeanors. Our main concern is providing our accused clients with the best defense case in order to reduce the criminal charge.

Traffic Offenses

There are traffic offenses that are a lot more severe than other offenses and these offenses can result in charges such as going to prison. A traffic violation can be seen as a minor incident if nobody was hurt. However, that same accident can easily become a misdemeanor or felony if someone is hurt or even killed. There are also particular traffic offenses that are deemed as sever on their own, such as driving while drunk or driving a vehicle without a driver's license. If you are a person charged with a traffic felony or misdemeanor, it is important that you contact an attorney at Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki in Jacksonville, Florida who can help to protect his or her legal rights!

Traffic Misdemeanor

Countless traffic violations are usually categorized as misdemeanors. An example of a traffic misdemeanor would be driving without proper insurance. Since misdemeanors are considered to be less severe crimes, the charges are usually fining and jail for one year or less. However, traffic offense penalties vary by state.

In a majority of states, an individual with a misdemeanor charge can have their rights removed, such as having your voting rights revoked. This is when having an attorney to represent you in your traffic felony or misdemeanor case is crucial, especially when seeking reduction of a penalty.

Traffic Felony

Traffic felonies are one of the most severe offenses in the Criminal Justice System. In many states, they will result to more than one year of imprisonment. Examples of traffic felonies include the following:

  • Felony DUI
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Repeated offenses (Driving with no license)
  • Leaving the scene of auto accident

Someone who is facing a felony and works in particular profession such as teaching or law, may risk losing their job. Felonies may also prohibit an individual to obtain or possess firearms, as well as being in the military. In some states, they abide by a "three strikes" law that has the ability to sentence you a lifetime of imprisonment after the third charge.

Despite the situation or severity of your case, you still have rights and you are entitled to having a proficient and skilled attorney by your side, who will always protect your rights. Our criminal defense lawyers are not only experienced in traffic offenses, but we will use that experience to help direct you through every phase of your case.

Traffic charges should be treated like any other criminal charges since they can affect the person’s life. At any point when you feel like the odds are against you, have our legal team on your side. Contact the traffic offense lawyers at Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki if you have been charged with a traffic-related misdemeanor or felony. Protect your future, or the future of your loved one today! Do not hesitate to contact an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at Law Offices of Nooney, Roberts, Hewett & Nowicki in Jacksonville, Florida.

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